Artel / ChatControl

A lightweight, simple and open source chat management plugin


ChatControl is a simplistic solution for chat management, containing almost everything you need for a server, ranging from formatting your chat, filtering out curse words, advertisements, spam, excessive uppercase or even bot flooding. It should be stable enough to run in a production environment, however, it is not feature complete. By default, the plugin has no features enabled to ensure new installations don’t get in the way with unwanted features or rules. It is 100% free and open source, and always will be. Any and all contributions and feedback are welcome.


  • /chatcontrol | The base command for ChatControl.
  • /chatcontrol help | Retrieve a list of available commands and any additional information
  • /chatcontrol reload | Reload the configuration files and rules
  • /clearchat | Clear the chat.
  • /clearchat -s | Clear the chat silently.


You can find all the default and up-to-date permissions here.


  • PlaceholderAPI support
  • Full RGB support in both chat formatting and chat messages
    • Using the following format: &#RRGGBB
  • Prevent excessive uppercase in chat messages and/or commands
    • Based on a configurable percentage number
  • Customizable cooldowns (in seconds) for chat messages and/or commands
  • Prevent chatting and/or command execution until the player has moved
    • Helpful to prevent bot spam attacks.
  • Format your chat globally and/or per-rank
    • See more about this feature here.
  • Effective and efficient pre-defined rules
    • Optimized for effectiveness and little to no false positives, view the extensive list of default rules and all configurable options for them here. You can prevent or replace anything you want on your server with ease using ChatControl’s rules.
  • Per-permission chat color and formatting
    • You can find the permissions here.
  • Per-permission rule bypassing and action prevention bypassing
    • You can find the permissions here.
  • Every message sent by the plugin can be modified
    • No, seriously. Every single message. Check it out here.

Installation Guide

  • Shut down your server using the stop command
  • Download the plugin from this resource page
  • Place the plugin within your /plugins/ folder
  • Start your server
  • Go into the plugin’s folder /plugins/ChatControl/ and modify the configuration.yml, format.yml and rules.yml files to your liking


This project has been maintained since its inception by one person. I simply cannot account for every use case or debug every possible scenario. What does this mean for you and your server? Simply put, hope for the best, expect the worst. Bugs are likely to show up, I will do my level best to ensure they don’t stick around.


Published onJune 19, 2022
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